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Coach Ramondo?

At UNM's Inside The Trenches camp TheRedMenace.com caught up with arguably New Mexico's top D-I prospect and a young pup just trying to learn. Go inside and check it out!

While I was walking around the Lobo 7 on 7 and Inside the Trenches Camp, a few people told Rudy C and myself to go check out the Rio Rancho O-lineman that is working out he is pretty good and a young guy. I knew Matt Ramondo was out there as well, so Rudy and I headed out there.


Immediately Mayfield's Matt Ramondo caught my eye. The dude is a monster and just getting better every time I see him. Obviously he has been ‘doing work' all summer long.

"I'm here," says the 6'4 272 Ramondo. "I just got back from Arizona, where I was named the MVP at the D-line, I'll probably hit NMSU's camp and the Top 100 later this summer."


Ramondo told me he wasn't planning on making a decision any time soon as he would like to weigh his options. This is his second time to UNM in as many months, so I asked him what is it about UNM? "I really like the coaches," says Ramondo. "Who wouldn't want to take the opportunity to work with Coach (Rubin) Carter? The guy is a legend."


Obviously the hard work is paying off as Ramondo has offers from New Mexico, NMSU, Michigan State, and recently Arizona.


Perhaps the work with Coach Carter is rubbing off as Ramondo was working and coaching a big kid in Rio Rancho helmet and jersey… Rudy C says, "That has to be the guy those other dudes were telling us about."


Alex Avilutan


We just watched the kid who is his entire 6'6" 270lb frame. The next thing I noticed is the dude has some of the longest arms I've seen. "That has to be the guy," said Rudy C. Something seemed weird though. Matt Ramondo had his coaching hat on as he was showing the kid all kinds of defensive technique and the young man was really attentive trying to soak it all in.


Physically he belonged but his feet seemed to get tangled and he wasn't figuring out how to slide or use his physical strength to the max…


I ran over to the Rio Rancho coaching staff and asked who is this guy?


"That's Alex Aluvitan (I'm not 100% sure this is the spelling of his last name.)." I said he looks big but doesn't seem to be confident in all he does. "Well this is his very first year playing football. He has never played a game, but look at his size. We as a coaching staff have to get in there and teach him how to be a football player."


Well is it to early to ask about him? "No, he just came out and we worked with some tackling dummies earlier this spring, so we figured let's bring him out to OL/DL camp and see how stands up, "said one of the coaches. "We put him with the D-line so he could work with Coach Carter. The guy is a legend and we figured who better to learn from. Also, I think it is cool the way the other kid (Matt Ramondo) is working with him."


What do you know about his game thus far? "He is aggressive, but what I like about him right away is that he is aggressive. Sometimes with a big man you don't see that. Sounds weird but sometimes that is the way it is, "said a member of the staff. "He is just so raw though."


You mind if I talk to him, I asked? "Sure," they said. "Let me know if he has anything interesting to say?


TRM: Alex, this is your first year of football?

AA: Yeah


TRM: Why did you wait so long?

AA: I was lazy


TRM: What do you think about the game?

AA: I'm really having a lot of fun and I like it. Everyday is a learning experience. It is a challenge just trying to figure things out.


TRM: What do you consider the strength of your game?

AA: I don't know what my strengths are. I'm trying to figure that out.


I ran back to the Rio Rancho coaching staff and said, Yeah he had some really good stuff to say. He is a good kid, he isn't cocky, and understands he has to put in a lot of work this summer and in the fall. The staff couldn't but have big grins on their faces. Talk about a gift! 6-6-270lb monster with ability and asking to be coached…

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