Eye On Recruiting: Arizona Visits!

Arizona-New Mexico connection

Two recruits from the state of Arizona made a quick visit to neighboring state New Mexico to participate in Lobo Camp!

I've heard from coaching staff members of three programs now that have all told me the state of Arizona has blown up when it comes to football recruiting. Arizona is right next door so it would only make sense that the University of New Mexico has been hitting the state very hard this recruiting season. Coach Cheston Blackshear is the recruiting coach for Arizona has been very active in the Grand Canyon State. Today we take a look at two young men that were invited by Coach Blackshear to come out to Lobo camp.

 TE Charlie Andrews Desert Mountain High School 6-4 235

Charlie Andrews

 Obviously it is 7 on 7 drills and there are only so many things you can see, especially when it is a young man from out of state that is placed on an established high school team. Still Charlie is very impressive with his 6-4 235 lb frame was imposing. What I was most impressed with watching Andrews was the way he made himself bigger. Using his physical presence it was noticeable that he could shield himself from defenders and he can catch the ball, as defenders can't get around him. In his interview you have to love the fact that he likes to "get physical."


 OG/DT Chris Brown Skyline High School 6-3 309

 Unfortunately, the audio interview with Chris Brown was in a windstorm so we couldn't really hear it so I'm going to break down with this monster of a 300 pound man had to say about his experience at Lobo Camp. "I did pretty good overall," said Brown. "I was coached really hard and like the camp a lot. I really got a lot of excellent input from the coaches. They were great."

Check out these Scout.com videos of Chris Brown going one on one in Phoenix.

I noticed Saturday and subsequently through checking out some of his videos that he is an extremely physical young man that will do some damage on the line. Says Brown, "I want to be known constantly as the best lineman on the field. I want to blow p every single play, and play hard every single down."

 At this point Brown says he is receiving the most interest from
New Mexico, Colorado St., UCLA, and UNLV and currently holds no offers.

 Special thanks to Chris and Charlie for spending some time with TheRedMenace.com

 Stay tuned this week as we look at some New Mexico players from Eldorado, Volcano Vista, and Raton… yes Raton!

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