Red Menace Radio: NFL Draft Hopefuls

Red Menace Radio: NFL Draft Hopefuls

Go inside to hear DeAndre Wright and Matt Quillen as they get ready for the 2nd day of the NFL draft!

The first day of the 2009 NFL Draft is in the books and most Lobo fans weren't shocked to not hear any of their favorite player's names called. However, the 2nd day should be a different story as former Lobos DeAndre Wright, Glover Quin, Rodney Ferguson, Matt Quillen, and yes even Chris Mark has received some attention.

\ had a chance to speak with 2 of these players on the eve of a potential dream fulfilling day.

Click here to listen to DeAndre Wright


Click here to listen to Matt Quillen would like to thank these young men for excellent careers at UNM and here is to cheering you on this upcoming season. (Come on Jerry Jones draft one of these Lobos!) Recommended Stories