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Josh Fussell

Sure we have a fullback's picture up, but go inside and find out how today was all about James Aho and the ice water that flows through his veins.

Today was one of those days that makes me think this Red Menace thing is all worth it. See everyone thinks that I go to these practices for the benefit of UNM. Please guys I'm not that giving. I go for purely selfish reasons. I'm a football fan, I'm a Lobo football fan and for a few hours every day the Lobos are practicing I'm able to see things that most fans cannot.

 Today was one of those days as the Lobos were running 2 minute situational drills towards the end of practice and there was some great play on both sides of the ball. Coach Locksley explained after practice that the Lobos would be running more situational drills until the Cherry Silver game next week.

 So there is your set up. 2 minute drills with the Lobo offense firing away. I must say that I have been very impressed with Donovan Porterie as of late. I will be honest at the beginning of spring football I thought he was finished. His passing was not crisp, his footwork was rough, and the QB's were passing him up and quickly. I spoke briefly to Donovan about that today and he told me, "I wasn't 100% confident in my leg to start spring, and it had been awhile since I played any kind of football. So things were coming fast."

 "So I went to work," said Porterie. "I got with Coach Martin in the film room, and on the field." I told Donovan if you haven't heard it enough let me be the first to say that it shows. You really wouldn't think 2.5 weeks of spring ball would make the world of difference but it has, as DP still throws the best long ball (Thanks Greg Archuleta) and he seems to be getting better every day with decision making.

 The coaching staff hasn't named a starter yet and according to Coach Locksley they won't until fall, but at this point I believe it is DP's job to lose. Coach Locks said certain players have really started to separate themselves from the pack and at this point, I would say Porterie has done that.

Holbrook awaits the play!

 Another QB that has really impressed, as of late has been BR Holbrook. He has a good arm and has been making some plays… I would say the top 3 QB's today were Porterie, Holbrook, and Smith…

 "We have to get the offense playing with the same consistency and confidence that our defense plays with without taking the swagger away from our defense…"

 These were the words of Coach Locksley after practice today as the Lobo offense looked okay during red zone play, but 2 minute drill was a little choppy. A pair of fumbles, some penalties, and some bad passing really hurt the Lobos offense today during 2 minute drills, still there was a lot of things going well.

I always love seeing the underdog walk-on player(s) stepping it up and today was no different as Nick Wilhelm just makes plays! The young man from Los Lunas should have 505 Pride sown up just about everyday. I have been really impressed with his work on the field and today was no different!

Speaking of no different Roland Bruno has become a target for all the QB's. Coach Mallory better get a DB to cover #8 as he has become a touchdown maker from the slot position!

Lucas Reed played well today. All the talk has been about Jonathan Mader the converted QB but Lucas really brought his A game today and was very impressive.

And why shouldn't the Lobo receivers have a hot day. Looks like they had a special assistant today as Baltimore Raven WR Marcus Smith was out at Lobo practice working with some of his former teammates!

2007 Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award Winner Marcus Smith

 Okay back to the start of this whole report. As practice was winding up DP drove the Lobos into field goal range and the wind was blowing pretty hard. Coach Locksley screamed fro Frosh All-American PK James Aho to come and kick a "game winning" field goal.

As Aho trotted out on the field, the Lobo defense started chanting his name Aho… Aho… Aho… Aho… Aho… They were trying to get into his skull big time. Timeout for a little freeze Aho and Locksley yells out his misses this the offense has to do 50 up and downs, but if he hits the defense gets the honors. So of course the defensive players really revved it up! Aho… Aho… Aho… Aho…

 Ball is snapped, and true to form Aho splits the uprights in a howling wind as his offensive mates rush the field like a scene from a bowl game...

and then the offense started chanting the name Aho… Aho… Aho… Aho… as the defensive players started doing up and downs…

 However, somewhere along the way they only made it to 20 or 21, after practice Coach said I was being soft on them.

 Like I said, it was a stingy moment for me, one that most Lobo fans won't ever see or hear about unless they come to TheRedMenace.com!

Offensive Player of Practice

#12 James Aho

Please, there is one thing to try and hit a game winning field goal in a stadium with thirty thousand plus watching. It is a whole different story when it is youteammates not wanting to have to do dreaded up and downs. Either way #12 just steps up and knocks em through the pipes.

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