Sheila M. Smith Memorial Fund Information

Marcus Smith

We would like to get the information to everyone out that wishes to help Marcus Smith defer the cost to his mother's funeral.

As we all know Marcus Smith's mother Sheila passed away last week. Due to his family situation Marcus is personally responsible for funeral expenses. A college athlete on scholarship obviously doesn't have that kind of money and of course the NCAA won't allow UNM to help Marcus with these expenses.


However, friends are able to contribute to the memorial fund in his mother's name. Once again UNM cannot receive money directly, but you can head to any First Community Bank in Albuquerque to make a deposit to the Sheila M. Smith Memorial Fund.


Once again that is any First Community Bank in Albuquerque and the name is


Sheila M. Smith Memorial Fund.


Any funds contributed to the memorial fund above and beyond the expenses will be donated back to a local charity. Recommended Stories