Putting The F.U. Back in Fun!

Putting The F.U. Back in Fun!

The start of Red Menace Weekly podcasting. We aren't sure where to take this, but listen, give feedback and we will do it again!

As many of you may or may not know Dom Zarrella and Lee Roy L. "Bandito" started their careers in sports talk radio long before the big corporations came in and decimated it to the level that it is now.



Sports talk radio back in the early to mid 90's was all about having a good time and sports fans talking amongst one another… Just talking around a bar stool, tailgate party, or water cooler. People had nicknames and more importantly they had a voice!

The Best basketball team Reggie Theus ever coached!


Whether it was a great victory or a troubling painful loss local sports fans knew that they had a place where they could gather with other fans just like them and blow off steam or pump their chests!

Is anyone really foolish enough to think it is time to replace Coach Long?!?!


TheRedMenace.com has tried to bring that type of sports talk excitement back through our message board and now with the help of technology we are going to try and bring at least a weekly podcast recapping the message boards as well as the local and national sports and non-sports issues discussed during the week.

Why couldn't it be Ken Griffey Jr. going for Hank Aaron's record?


In the future we will be looking to doing internet radio broadcasts as well as these podcasts in attempt to once again give the regular sports fan a voice! As you know you can say pretty much say what you want, when you want right here on TheRedMenace.com without fear of being cut off before you finish your thought or sentence. We at TRM believe that people are more interested in what their fellow fans have to say about sports more so than the host(s).


For now it is just Dom and Bandito and these dudes are so long winded they need a two-part episode!


June 24th podcast #1


June 24th podcast #2







Please give us feedback through the message board and/or via e-mail on future podcasts and how we can make it more interactive so please help us put the F.U. back in FUN!

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