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Jeff Panfil

North Crowley HS (Ft. Worth TX) has an outstanding young quarterback named Jeff Panfil. Daniel Harper spoke to his coach about the recruitment of of Jeff Panfil.

I recently had a chance to talk to North Crowley High School (Ft. Worth TX) Coach Dustin Burnette  about his star QB Jeff Panfil.

 TRM: What's an accurate height and weight for Jeff?


Coach Burnette: He's 6'6" 195


TRM: What position will he be playing in college?


Coach Burnette: He is definitely a QB


TRM: So what are Jeff's Strengths as a QB?


Coach Burnette: Well, Jeff eats, sleeps, and breathes football. His grandfather played, his father was an All American OT, and his brother plays for TCU. He has tremendous knowledge of the game. The last three games of the year, he called about 50% of the plays. He is very athletic and elusive for a QB he also possesses a great arm.


TRM: So how is the recruiting process going so far for Jeff?


Coach Burnette: He is really excited with all the attention, and he is very much open to anyone recruiting him.


TRM: So what schools are currently recruiting Jeff?


Coach Panfill: He has offers from Army, Illinois State, New Mexico State, and on Friday he received an offer from Purdue. New Mexico sends him letters every week and Coach Jackson came out here today. Kansas St. is setting up an official visit, and TX A&M stills calls from time to time.


TRM: What were Jeff's stats for this season?


Coach Burnette: He finished with 2064 yards passing and 576 yards rushing for a total of 31 TDs. He was honored as the 5A district 4, player of the year. He is also fully qualified (3.6 GPA and 1000+ SATs).


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