Recruiting Roundup: Brad Sorensen

Recruiting Roundup: Brad Sorensen

Colton HS CA is home to many a quality football player and the Sorensen family which has produced many star athletes for the Yellowjackets. Today Daniel introduces us to the Sorensen's newest star, QB Brad Sorensen

The start of High School football means Lobo Recruiting kicks into high gear. Today's focus is Brad Sorenson from Colton CA. I had a chance to speak to Coach Harold Strauss of Colton High, concerning his star in the making. Brad Sorenson


TRM: Coach, what is an accurate height and weight for Brad?


Coach Strauss: Funny you should ask, Brad grew 4 1/2 and gained 35 lbs since the end of last football season. He's now 6' 4" 1/2 and 205 lbs. He has grown into the prototypical Pro Style QB.


TRM: That's pretty incredible.


Coach Strauss: Because of his growth spurt, I think a lot of teams were waiting until after his first game to see how he would do.


TRM: So how did he do?


Coach Strauss: He had an outstanding game. He was 7-10 for 270 yards and 3 Touchdowns.


TRM: Coach, I have to ask why only 10 pass attempts?


Coach Strauss: Well we only ran 32 offensive plays and we have great running back, Charisse Wright (consensus top 10 national RB), who ran for 200+ yards


TRM: So what schools are currently recruiting Brad?


Coach Strauss: BYU, Utah, Utah St, UNM, and all the Ivy League. He is a very good student, on and off the football field. BYU and Utah are recruiting him the heaviest, but I received lots of requests for game tape since our first game. Even Pete Carroll, USC head coach, was at the first game and really liked what he saw from Brad.


Brad sounds like the new type of UNM QB, see Steve Harris and Donovan Porterie.  Brad is able to run an offense effectively with a stud RB in the backfield.  Stay tuned as the brings you more recruiting news!!!!! Recommended Stories

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