Live from Ruidoso... It is Rudy C. Live!

Live from Ruidoso... It is Rudy C. Live!

Red Menace Radio host Rudy C. goes down with the First Team and comes back with a report. Listen to 1150 AM to hear the interviews on Monday

"All The Young Dudes" is a '70's song that Mott the Hoople made a standard on FM radio. At Camp Lobo in Ruidoso, New Mexico, the song seemed more than appropriate. The singer in this band, Coach Bob Davie, has sung a tune of accountability. Out- discipline, out-work and out-hit the opposition are not just words to his tune but a culture and "brand" that Coach Davie is imposing on this Lobo football team. The practice started at 10 am with stretching and warm up. Then Coach Davie called out Senior QB BR Holbrook. He was instructed on the fly to grab a football line up if as under center and throw a completion to...Coach Stubblefield who was defended on the play. It was a 5 yard down and out and in with a nice throw and catch!

Coach Davie sometimes starts practice with something like this just to show the unpredictability and sudden change of college football. The message? Be prepared for anything at any time. Then it was on to business as usual. UNM had a spirited 2 hour session with featuring some nice work by "The Hitmen" to open some holes for Jhurell Pressley a 5' 11" 190 lb. freshman from Delaware. He showed a nice burst through the hole and some "escape ability". David Anaya also showed some nice between the tackles running as did walk on Xavier Madrid. Kasey Carrier got his reps but not as many as he knows his role well and keeping him healthy is priority numero uno for O Coordinator Bob DeBesse. It was hard to say that first team D was going against first team O because a lot of guys were getting plugged in with the "first team" in order to maximize the repetitions. It is all part of the plan to offset depth issues with more Lobo underclassmen that HAVE to be ready.  The practice was divided between drills and live scrimmage. Most of the observers, who were local townsfolk, commented on the obvious differences in this camp from former ones.
Jhurrel Pressley

David Anaya

The unfortunate news of three Lobos breaking team rules, and, the attendant consequences handed out by Coach Davie, were also met head on It comes through loud and clear. The team will be better for it and at least two of the offenders have a shot at reinstatement. "It all depends on them and how they react to this." That is what Coach Davie said and obviously that is what he means. Words and deeds must match if you want to be a part of something special.  The rest of the team received this important message loud and clear; and they practiced as if nothing had occurred.  

Two and a half hours later...the whistle sounded the end of practice. I hustled over to my main man "Arch", as in Greg Archuleta, Assistant Director of Communications for Lobo Football (and Golf). I requested some interviews and then turned on the mic for the post practice press conference. I interviewed the youngster Jhurell.  Then it was on to "Hitman" Dillon Farrell, as well as "older" Lobo, Rod Davis, the 6' 300lb JC transfer nose guard that I want to see play like former ATM "wrecking crew" member, Sam Adams, who went on to quite an NFL career with the New England Patriots.

I also heard Coach Davie and his message to get through to me. I was ready to quit after 3 holes of golf, I was playing that bad. I hunkered down reaffirmed my commitment to the game and lo and behold I liked the next 15 holes a lot more! Thanks Coach! All the young dudes indeed! Recommended Stories